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Wonder Drug
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"Black Stone" is commonly know throughout the Caribbean as "Stone" titled after the rock like rigidity it affords to the penis when applied.

In Original Form:

Black Stone" AKA The Wonder Drug, is a (concentrated) tree sap used to change the level of stimulation in the penis head while enhancing the erection enormously.

Throughout the Caribbean Black Stone is the most used and most effective solution for Premature Ejaculation. The Stone is a concentrated root formula that was initially made available in pebble form.

The Black Stone reputation has grown more popular, and has become the most sought after sexual enhancement formula in the Black Market today.

American users not educated on the proper usage of Black Stone began ingesting the stone leaving a trail of deaths due to extreme heart burn.

Black Stone was eventually banned in many of the islands and is no longer available in rock form, though in certain areas of the Caribbean it can be obtained in a granulated (ground) form.

Black Stone is extremely expensive in most areas depending on the level of quality. However, one package can last two to three years.

As Black Stone (in rock form) is still made available in certain Black Markets we have created this page to inform customers of it's proper usage.

Do Not Ingest:

Step 1: Moisten fingertip or Q-Tip head.

Step 2: Rub moistened area over "Black Stone". Look closely, you will see crystals accumulated on the Q-Tip head..

Step 3: Brush those particles around and on clean surface of penis head.

Step 4: Wash hands and wait 35 - 45 minutes (may experience tingling sensation).

Step 5: Wash penis thoroughly.

Caution: Must be applied with discretion!

The effects will last up to four hours.

Black Stone (ground).
Only one order of Black Stone (ground) can be purchased at a time to ensure there is no excessive usage.

* Supplies are limited due to its seasonal nature.

Black Stone (ground) is shipped directly from native source. Delivery may take as long as two weeks.

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