Maxim Magazine hired a sexually active couple to test the credibility our product line. Prior to the usage of our products the average length of sexual intercourse for this couple was 59 seconds.
Stud 100 : allowed his performance to sustain 17 min., 31 sec. (16 min., 32 sec. longer than than his average experience).

Indian God Lotion : After 30 minutes of continuous motion he stopped, and still had not ejaculated. We like to think of this as a positve review. To review article look for February 2000 issue of Maxim Magazine , pg. 164.

KLSX Talk Radio's JOHNATHAN BRANDMIER aka JOHNNY B. has tested and approved Iron Wood as an amazing ointment for lasting longer. After over applying the ointment he went on to share with his audience "A little dab'll do!" We were flooded with orders! JOHNNY B. can be heard 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) M-F, Los Angeles.

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AM 1000 The Kevin Matthews Show reaches over 32 cities within the United States and Canada. Duber, a Kevin Matthews counterpart complained after trying Iron Wood that it took to long to climax. "I fell asleep after the first two hours." This was not a good review. Shortly afterward, Duber admitted to Duji, another Kevin Matthews counterpart that he was using Iron Wood without a partner. One week later Duber announced live on the air that Kwang's Solution was a fantastic product for adding 30 minutes to your lovemaking. The response was incredible! Tune in to the KEVIN MATHEWS for future updates!

WZMX - Connecticut's Sebastian in the Morning! ADW Spokesman Ron Malcovitch barely got a word in after an extensive testing was conducted on WZMX to prove that Kwang's Solution was an amazing ointment for stopping premature ejaculation instantly! In fact, Chubbz stated that after using Kwang's Solution with her spouse, the extensive sex became some what uncomfortable. "I had to make him stop, it was getting uncomfortable". All in all, the results of this review were very positive. The Sebastian in the Morning Show consists of Sebastian, Dani, Ugly Mike, Randy and the fabulous yet totally underrated Executive Producer known as Chubbz! WZMX, Sebastian in the morning is an exhilarating show with a lot of dynamics!"