The Erect X formula is a non-prescription herbal supplement that utilizes the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS also utilized in Viagra) to expand blood vessels. Erect X also contains a high concentration of herbal compounds that enhance the neurotransmitters and increase the body's natural production of testosterone.K

Erect X also serves as a pre-sex cocktail that can be applied 90 minutes prior to sex for immediate improvement in sexual response.

This extremely potent formula was formulated by Dr. Steve Witherly, who has over 20 years of Research and Development experience in the field of Nutritional Science.

The Erect X formula was designed based on NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) mechanisms and pathophysiology science, nutrient science and botanical science.K When consumer has desire Erect X, like Viagra will enhance the penile neurotransmitter to help prevent erectile dysfunction due to aging.


  • Muira Puama, Yohimbe, Epimedium - to promote sexual desire.
  • Yohimbe, Epimedium - Increased neurotransmitter, which directly acts on penis nerves to promote rigid erection.
  • L-arginine - Acts as a Nitric Oxid e Synthases precursor.&n bsp; This involves the release of Nitric Oxide (NO) into the corpus cavernosurn during sexual stimulation.
  • Tribulus - Increases the body's natural production of testosterone.K Studies suggest that androgens mediate the erectile response in the penis by stimulation the expression of the neuronal isoform of nitric oxide synthase, thus maintaining an adequate supply of NO.

Suggested use for long term care is to take one capsule daily with food. or as directed by your health care physician.K For immediate improvement in erectile response take 3 to 4 capsules 90 minutes prior to sex. Active Ingredients.


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