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The Ejaculation Master is a very indepth tutorial strictly designed for men suffering from severe cases premature ejaculation. The program caters to men dealing with hair triggered effects and performane anxiety    

Truly A Unique Approach to Premature Ejaculation

Much unlike many of the programs we’ve reviewed, Ejaculation Master does not offer the usual banter and commonly used solutions to premature ejaculation. This program was designed by Christian Gudnason, a regular guy who had suffered for years with a very severe case of premature ejaculation. The problem begann to effect his livlihood and as a result he created an extremely comprehensive problem solviing tutorial for premature ejaculation.

To Christians credit he does deliver what he promised:

* Learn the thought process that causes you to ejaculate early.
* Find and resolve your emotional triggers.
* Learn to manage sudden levels of sexual intensity .
* Build up their mental endurance and tolerance.
* Never Google search for Premature Ejaculation solutions again.

Overcome the pressure to perform.

A Well Thought Out Program:

This is a program designed by a mans man. Ejaculation Master manages to make the experience very exciting and there is a lot of truth to the points made regarding mind over matter and how to regain it.

Comes With 24 Hour Sex Therapist:

Perhaps one of the most unique features in the Ejaculation Master program is the fact that you gain access to Christian at all times. You can send him an e-mail at anytime of the day and get a response within 24 hours. We tested this offer many times over and Christian always replied promptly.

The downloadable program is broken into three separate phases, with each phase more challenging than the last.

However, Ejaculation Master requires that you practice the techniques for at least two hours per week, with or without a partner.

Overall, Ejaculation Master teaches you to bypass your fear of premature ejaculation while redirecting all focus and sensitivity onto your partner. True Side Note: It works... one of the first things we noticed earlier on in the program, was how optimistic our testers were when they realized that they had the ability to shift and redirect focus.

But again, this program is geared towards individuals who have had severe and long term bouts with premature ejaculation.

If you are interested in ordering or learning more, please click below. Christian shares a few stories that were very inspiring to us and we hope you find them as inspirational as we did.

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