95% Success Rate

ErecAid is the most dependable, no-nonsense product available for effective res toration of penile function and positive treatment for impotence. To back these claims.

ErecAid forces maximum blood flow into the penis causing tissue and skin to expand with each usage. Continual use eventually trains and conditions key blood vessels to pump blood int o the penis independently (without the aid of ErecAid). In addition, constant stretching of skin and tissue will gradually modify and restore penis size each time ErecAid is applied. Tested and proven with a 95% success rate!

Even if you have been totally incapable of an erection due to physical trauma or a severe case of impotence, ErecAid can provide you with a solid erection. Rejuvenate your erection within a matter of minutes.

We are most con fident in the ErecAid system. You will not be disappointed in the ErecAid system. ErecAid comes with a full instructional video cassette for customer convenience, free consultation 24 hours/7 days a week and a life time warranty.

ErecAid produces a negative airflow that will pull blood into the penis producing a firm and healthy erection within minutes. Can be applied alone and is packaged discretely for 100% privacy!

WARNING: ErecAid vacuum device is a technically advanced item which requires proper application to ensure maximum results. Beware of second-rate, replicas that may not provide 24 hour customer consultation or contain the Osbon Medical Systems logo.

Instruction are as follows:

1. Patient places penis in cylinder and activates pump, creating negative pressure; blood fills the penis causing an erection within minutes.

2. Patient slips tension ring onto base of penis, removes cylinder. Erection can be maintained for up to 30 min. using tension ring.

3. Patient removes tension ring; penis returns to soft state.


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