The Spray

Tester exceeded the 30 minute mark and stopped!

Tester comment(s): "I may have used too much..."

Undoubtedly, the most popular solution we carry. Indian God Lotion sustains your erection unlike many desensitizers. This product is ideal for individuals possessing the stamina to endure lengthy sessions of intercourse. Indian God Lotion takes effect immediately! Just spray and perform.    

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Four Easy Steps:

Step 1: Spray it on penis head.
Step 2: Wait 30 minutes.
Step 3. Gently rinse penis head.
Step 4. Engage in sexual contact.

Indian God Lotion provides approximately 30 - 60 minutes of sexual pleasure. Keep refrigerated for maximized usage.

We Aim to Cure:

We recommend the Three Week Program (book only) with your purchase to ensure that customers are provided the tools necessary for truly overcoming premature ejaculation.

Topicals such as Iron Wood, Indian God Lotion and Kwang's Solution can help to prevent hypersensitivity, allowing you maximum control, but in order to achieve the skill of lasting longer (without the aid of anesthetics), a certain level of mental and physical conditioning is required. Though this completely contradicts the easy, quick fix mentality that customers tend to have, it helps our company to maintain a certain level of dignity.

Active Ingredients.

See our review of Indian God Lotion in the February 2000 issue of Maxim Magazine. pg., 164.

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