Tested and proven to add 25 min. and 47 sec., with first usage.

Tester comment(s): "it still works hours after you've rinsed it off completely. Store it right side up for best results...."


Caribbean Remedy for Premature Ejaculation:

Iron Wood is the milder liquid derivative of Black Stone. This highly concentrated tree sap is diluted into liquid form to create one of the most effective premature ejaculation control supplements available. In addition to lasting much longer during sex, erections remain rock hard throughout lovemaking. Most important, Iron Wood is a completely safe blend with no reported side effects.
Intended for users who are seeking to have intercourse exceeding 30 - 400 minutes per session.

Remember, the average womanrequires 8 - 12 minutes of direct clitoral stimulati on before she can be brought to orgasm.

Staying time is roughly estimated as follows::

If Applied For:
Estimated Staying Time:
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
45 Minutes
120 Minutes
60 Minutes
4 Hours
This graph is merely an estimation. Effectiveness may vary.

Instruction for Application::

Step 1: Shake Well

Step 2: Hold upside down for and apply to penis head only.

Step 3:Wait 20 to 40 minutes (according to desired effect).

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.

Step 5: Engage in sexual contact.

With Iron Wood, penile stimulation is limited during the first 6 - 8 minutes of intercourse, and is gradually restored throughout intercourse. Thus, enabling both partners to experience orgasm in a timely and uniformed fashion.

Caution: Must be applied with discretion!

Each bottle contains 1/2 OZ. of Iron Wood and comes with convenient roll on applicator. Active Ingredients.

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