Tester lasted 22 min. and 38 seconds longer than his average performance.

Tester comment(s): "It takes the perfect amount of edge off. I could feel her contracting and still managed to resist the urge to ejaculate.

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Mild but Extremely Effective:

Gives each user extended performance without reducing sensation. Maintain full control even during heightened arousal. User determines the length of intercourse with each use.

Kwang's Solution is a natural solution that will not hinder erections. Men above 30 years of age find Kwang's Solution to b e more suitable, as it enables men to determine time of ejaculation while allowing sexual stimulation to remain in it's truest form.

The offset for this prod uct is that it is most effectiv e when applied 60 - 90 minutes prior to sexual contact. Initially user may experience a mild tingling sensation in the head of penis, which will go unnoticed within the first 15 minutes of application.

Kwang's Solution will not cause any numbing or discomfort to partner in the event of direct contact.

You will automatically see a dramatic improvement in your performance.

Application is simple. With the provided applicator brush, spread a thin layer over pe nis head 30 to 90 minutes prior to sexual contact. There is no dramatic desensitization and no painful irritation. One bottle will last for months and will not weaken upon prolonged use! All Natural. INGREDIENTS and INSTRUCTIONS included in packaging. Discretely packaged for your convenience.

We Aim to Cure:

We recommend the Three Week Program (book only) with your purchase to ensure that customers are provided the tools necessary for truly overcoming premature ejaculation.

Topicals such as Iron Wood, Indian God Lotion and Kwang's Solution can help to prevent hypersensitivity, allowing you maximum control, but in order to achieve the skill of lasting longer (without the aid of anesthetics), a certain level of mental and physical conditioning is required.

Though this completely contradicts the easy, quick fix mentality that customers tend to have, it helps our company to maintain a certain level of dignity.


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