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Dear sirs: thank you for your prompt reply to me and your sending the units of the indian god lotion to me as i asked. they arrived not long ago and have made me a very happy man. thank you again for your product, your support, and your courtesy. AL-Baltimore MD

Back in December I ordered several bottles of Solucion DeAmor. After using the products I was dissatisfied with the results. Later I was informed that the product had been reduced in strength. I was informed that I could return the product for an equal dollar amount of Indian God Lotion. This product worked great. My wife and I had sex for an hour last night. She was all smiles afterward and she is still smiling. Thank you very much. CP-Chicago Illinois

Dear R. Malcovitch, I am particularly interested in carrying your product, Indian God Lotion. After having tried many products for my own premature ejaculation, I found this one to be the most effective I've ever used. Since I first tried it, I've never used anything else. Because I believe in it so much, I would like to sell it locally. Would I be able to purchase large quantities of Indian God lotion at wholesale prices and sell them locally? Please let me know as soon as possible. I come in contact with so many men who suffer from this problem and without any hesitation, I can recommend your products because I have used them very successfully. Sincerely, B. Hogan BH-Miami FL

I discovered your company about eight months ago. Because of past experiences I was unsure about making purchases from internet businesses, however, since I had the problem of premature ejaculation I decided to try some of the produc ts. My first order consisted of the Three Week Program and a bottle of Kwang's Solution. The two combined worked wonders! All of the sudden I could last for fifteen minutes. My wife thought I was an animal. After about eight months I am able to prolong intercourse as long as I want. My wif e asked me what had come over me. I told her about the Three Week Program and how I was practicing. I have not told her about the Kwang's Solution. I think that is going to be my little secret. Thank you for putting the spark back in my life. I am a customer for life! I come back and order quite often. Thank you. MS-Denver Colorado

Mr. Malcovitch, I received the order yesterday. Thank you for your fast service. WK -- Ontario, CA

I just recently bought some Indian God Lotion and it is working great. Thanks. I would like to buy more. Good stuff! Thanks! TC -- Croatia,

I have been married for 17 years, and I have also been impotent for most of those 17 years. I have diabetes and hypertension and I am only 41 years old. My wife is 36. Every since I have been using the Erecaid system we have been able to enjoy one another. All of the tension is gone. In fact I am doing better than most because I determine the length of intercourse. Thank God for this product. It has changed my life! LY -- Lincolnwood, IL

I have a supply of Wild Rhino and it works like a charm. I need to know if there is anything in it that would make me show positive on any drug test. If I don't pass the drug test, I won't be able to make any money to buy anymore of your products. By the way, that Indian God Lotion is powerful. Will anything in it make me test positive? RB -- Bedford, MI

I received your newsletter, and I am looking forward to buying some products, I think the information you gave me is very true. DG -- Crosby, TX

I just bought one can of Indian God Lotion. It's incredible. Better than I expected. Before I order more, I need to know what is the difference between Indian God Lotion and Kwang's Solution? I 'm afraid that I might lose my erection if I go for too long with Indian God Lotion? Could that happen if I used too much? Thanks again. AC -- Ottoville, IL

Thanks for getting back to me so fast, did not expect it, thanks again, first class mail would be fine, look forward to doing more business with you soon. ET -- Laurelton Queens, NY

My erections were not hard enough, maybe I believe I masturbated to much as a kid but, my girlfriends were complaining about it, then I saw your add, bought the products, and now my erection is harder, I can hold my ejaculation longer, and I love it, plus I am only 18!!!! Beuford B. -- TX

In your newsletter you mentioned the possibility of impotence being a psychological issue in rare instances. I never thought of it that way, but now I fully agree with you! Ever since I have been involved with my fiancee? I have had no problems at all. The problem seemed to be with my previous girlfriend, not with me. KH -- S. Korea

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