ProSizer (Penis Extender System): is a Doctor Approved Penis Enlargement Program which employs the proven technique of genetic modificataion. Cells will adapt to surrounding conditions. Thus, the constant stretching applied by ProSizer (Penis Extender System) ensures permanent penis enlargement.


Understanding the Copora Cavernosa:

The tissue that comprises the penis (corpora cavernosa) has a durable, rod like composition and is very flexible. Many have been fooled by the tissues ability to stretch to new lengths within minutes, only to retract moments later. As mentioned before, corpora cavernosa (penis tissue) is a very durable yet flexible tissue.

How Does ProSizer Work?

In order for the penis tissue to remain in an elongated state, it must be kept in a stretched position for lengthy periods of time. As the penis tissue is compromised under such strenuous conditions, the body automatically responds by sending ample supplies of nourishment and oxygen (via blood cells) to heal and/or relax strained tissue. It is under these condition that growth occurs.

ProSizer (Penis Extender System)

The same technique applies for individuals who undergo bone surgery. As new bone is inserted to lengthen an area of the body, the skin, cells and nerve endings must also adapt to appease the adjustment.

Constant pressure must be applied in the form of a brace to ensure that surrounding tissue grows with uniformed consistency, despite the irregularity of its conditions. Cells are fored to reproduce within the altered habitat.

In 1992 a team of European Doctors began experimenting with the notion of utilizing a similar type brace to enhance penis enlargement. What they found was that not only did the brace enhance penis lengths up to 5cm within a 6 month period, they also discovered that the penis length remained permanently.

How Long Does It Take?

The time investment required for ProSizer (Penis Extender System) is of 6 months to ensure guaranteed results. However, the spread of Penis Enlargement propoganda has lead many to believe that penis enlargement can occur within weeks. PLEASE do not confuse Doctor Approved ProSizer (Penis Extender System) Program with any other penis enlargement program available.

ProSizer (Penis Extender System) also includes penis growth supplements to keep the reproductive organs well nurished while constantly being stretched by the device. This will help to ensure that each user achieves maximum penis growth.

Two Guarantees & No Gimmicks:

The onslaught of penis enlargement gimmicks continue to envoke consumer skepticism. However, new and improved scientific technologies that aid to enhance penis size remain in high demand and the European based ProSizer (Penis Extender System) Team aims to supply. The track record and sophistication of the ProSizer (Penis Extender System) Enlarger puts this product in a class of its own.

* If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the ProSizer (Penis Extender System) Penis Extender, you can return the unit for a full refund.

* ProSizer (Penis Extender System) also guarantees that their price is lower than any other reputable dealer (BEWARE OF IMMITATIONS) and will refund the difference if you find a better price for a penis enlargement device!


ProSizer (Penis Extender System) is a Medically Approved Device.

And to help rebuild your confidence ProSizer (Penis Extender System) has provided the following Records of Certification. (To ensure legitimacy we researched the claims and provided links to allow you to do the same - see below.)


  • EUROPE: Certification CE:
    - ProSizer (Penis Extender System) has been classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1, and has the CE sign. ( Tests of approval were realized as established in the declaration of Helsinki, adopted in 1964 during the 18th World medical Assembly in Helsinki, Finland, and revised in 1989 during the 41st assambly in Hong Kong).
    - ProSizer (Penis Extender System) is made according to the standards of the European Union, using only medical parts of he highest quality, suitable for being in continuous contact with the human skin tissue.

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