87% success rate.

Tester noticed a difference in 11 days.
Tester comment(s): "definately not a quick fix solution..."

Our therapeutic process is quite simple and most beneficial. Hypnotherapy has become a very popular alternative approach for people faced with challenges such as smoking, alcoholism, depression and even sexual dysfunction
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Here at NewRemedies.com we have developed an on cd method designed specifically to help men overcome even the most extreme cases of premature ejaculation. Our process is just short of amazing and our results are phenomenal. With a 87% success rate we can assure you that the future for maximized male sexual performance is extremely bright.With hypnotherapy the patient is put into a mid sleep state. During this mid sleep subliminal messages are planted into the Subconscious Mind. These planted messages are intended to provide the Subconscious Mind with a pra ctical approach to combating the designated challenge (premature ejaculation) and eventually become second nature for the client.

The mind can be described as having two parts - Conscious and Subconscious. The Conscious controls 12% of the human mind while the Subconscious governs the remaining 88%. The Conscious Mind is where we develop our ability to rationalize, it is an area in which we tend to evaluate the pros and cons.

The Subconscious Mind is where we derive the term Second Nature. With the Subconscious Mind we tend to react without rationality or an evaluation of the pros and cons. The Subconscious Mind is instinctual, it is highly influenced by our up-bringing and immediate surroundings throughout our lives .

With our amazing Hypnotherapy CD we grant each user the opportunity to break the cycle of premature ejaculation and increase the quality of ones sexual lifestyle.

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