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(Animal Free Product)
Safely Triple Your Sperm Count

For centuries, the horn of a male Rhino has been prized as a sexual stimulant by men from the Far East. Recent research proves that a product derived from the compounds in Rhinoceros horns will improve sexual stamina. However, the use of actual Rhino horns is both unethical and illegal.

Made from plant extracts. Known to increase testosterone levels in the testes which results in an increase in spermatogenesis. Rehmannia root, which contains numerous glycosides, saponins, sterols and amino acids. Rehmannia root is a major blood and nutritive tonic used to increase blood flow and spermatogenesis Other plant-based extracts including Lycilberry, Saw Palmetto, Poria and Cinnamon are included in the exclusive Wild Rhino formula to enhance blood flow and to nurture testosterone and sperm production.

Recent research points to the role of a compound called nitric oxide (NO) in both promoting erections and reducing the chance of premature ejaculation by causing muscles to relax. Wild Rhino provides two precursors to nitric oxide production which significantly increase nitric oxide rates in men. Wild Rhino also combines zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C - all of which are critical to male sex hormone and prostate function.

Contains 120 capsules containing 600mg each. Suggested doses are 2-3 capsules taken 3 times throughout the day between meals. Active Ingredients.

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